July 13, 2012

Paradise of Buddha

This is Kiko-ji temple, 喜光寺 which is famous for lotus flowers. In front of stone statues of Buddhist deities, lotus flowers burst into bloom and create the paradise of Buddha.

There is a small pond covered with water lilies behind the main hall. The water lilies are no less elegant or graceful than lotus flowers. 

I was fascinated with this scene of a water lily and ripples. On water, small and quiet ripples were being made by tiny water insects.  As soon as the ripples were born, they were gone.  It was as if seeing our mortal lives reflected in the ripples. The combination of metallic blue ripples and the white flower was so beautiful that I stayed there and watched them for a long time..

While taking photos, I did not notice that a crayfish was clinging to
 a stalk under water.  Can you find it?

The water lily started to close before noon.

After noon, it closed.

The water lily from a different angle. It looked like a pair of wine glasses. 

The history of Kiko-ji temple dates back to 721. It is said Great Buddha Hall of Todai-ji temple was  modeled on the main hall of this temple.

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