May 20, 2012

Hidden Temple Bathed in Radiant Green

I thought "This is a hidden temple in a hidden place".

It takes only five minutes' walk to the temple from a tiny local station
which is at the foot of Mt. Hiei, the holy mountain in Kyoto.
Here is already a different world lapped with jade-like radiant green of maple trees!

Crossing a lovely wooden bridge, I feel as if the temple
 were cut away from the ordinary world.

going and going・・・・

Soon, the mountain gate of the temple appears. It has a beautiful name, 瑠璃光院, Lapis Lazuli Light Temple.  Healing Buddha resides in the Eastern Pure Land which is wrapped in glowing Lapis Lazuli Light.

Mountain Alley Garden leading to the other gate

 I feel warm hospitality of the temple, because at each viewing spot, Japanese style cushions are ready for the visitors. All  you see are the waves of maple leaves whirling in numerous shades of  green. All you hear  are  bush warblers  and Mori-aogaeru in Japanese, which are small tree frogs, singing in quiet chorus.
This is the second floor where you see  green reflections here and there.

This is " Lapis Lazuli Garden".  It is said that Pure Lapis Lazuli Land of Healing Buddha will appear  in the garden when some particular weather conditions coincide. One temple staff member said to me," When proper elements coincide after sudden rainfall in the sunshine,  Healing Buddha's Pure Land will appear." The name of the temple is based on this " Lapis Lazuli Garden". 

This is "Lapis Lazuli ".

This is "Crouching Dragon Garden".

a tea room

The history of the temple is rather short compared with other temples in Kyoto. At the beginning of the Meiji Era (1868 - 1912), the villa was built at this site by Sanetomi Sanjo who was a high-ranked court noble and one of the most important figures in the Meiji Government. The villa was renovated and turned into the temple.

The main characteristics of the temple are dozens of different kinds of maples trees, carpets of moss and hundreds of Japanese Andromeda. (In spring and autum, this temple is  open to public.)

In May,  standing under the shadows of  maples trees, I bathe in flickering light and feel as if I were dyed in luminous green.

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  1. Such quietness in those pictures !

  2. 「目に青葉 山ほととぎす 初鰹 」という句が有りますが、新緑のカエデも素敵ですね。


  3. Oh, but this is ...

    I don't know which words to use! "Beautiful" isn't nearly enough.

    I love the colour of young maple leaves and moss, and here you've got both together. I could sit in those rooms for ever, waiting for Buddha, but even if he never came, that would be OK too. The garden and the birds would be enough to keep me happy. ^^

  4. thanks for this amazing and wonderful walk, loooove picture #7!

  5. What a beautiful place! おっしゃるとおりとても落ち着く場所ですね。。上品な感じもしますし、すばらしいです。

  6. What a wonderful way to start my day...I feel as if I were dyed in luminous green also!

    How very, very lovely.

  7. 緑のシャワー、マイナスイオンたっぷりの隠れ寺ですね。今の季節緑がなんともきれいですね。ラピス-ラズリの光景を見てみたいです。ラピス-ラズリといえば、オランダでフェルメールの魅惑的なその色を見てきました。

  8. 優しい音をたて、5月の光を透かしてゆれる若葉が大好き! Keikoさんの写真を眺めているだけでも、緑のシャワーの中で身も心も緑色に染まっている自分を感じます。 瑠璃の庭の苔と若楓の饗宴、そんな贅沢を味わってみたいです。 瑠璃光院のご紹介ありがとうございました。

  9. Absolutely beautiful and peaceful. A place to be transported.

  10. So many shades of green. Those mossy steps intrigue me. I especially love the silhouette of the leaves - so peaceful and delicate in their perfection.

  11. 新緑の洪水と静かな佇まい。写真とナレーションがまさにぴったりと心に染みてきます。瑠璃光院という名前がまたすばらしですね。

  12. 磨きこまれた廊下にも緑が映えて、とても静かなひとときを過ごされた様子がよく伝わってきます。別荘が後にお寺になっているケース、ときどき見聞きしますが、瑠璃光院もそのひとつなのですね。ラピスラズリは遥かシルクロードを渡って日本にやってきたと言われますが、、、美しい色が瑠璃という名ともぴったりです。

  13. This is pure magic! It's like entering a secret garden full of beauty.

  14. I love the mossy steps leading to the mountain gate, the clean, simple lines of the architecture, the green, green. You've described the sounds and shared the sights so beautifully Keiko. thanks for taking me along today. I'm mesmerized. happy week to you.

  15. ¸.•°`♥✿⊱╮
    Paisagem linda, calma, tranquiliza o corpo e a alma.

  16. Every time I look at Japanese architecture, I have a feeling of wonder. In its lightness, there is always elegance.

  17. 新緑の中 たっぷりとマイナスイオンの空気を吸いながらこんなにも綺麗な庭を散策するのは気持ちいいでしょうね。優しい日本家屋の外(明)と中(暗)のコントラスとが見事です。外でもなく中でもない空間、縁側はとても贅沢でいいなぁ~(゚‐゚*)

  18. Nice pictures, I like the beauty of this place, well suited to the temple.

  19. Hello, Snowwhite!
    This temple radiates of beauty and peace. And I may add, based on what I've seen on other blogs, most of the Japanese ancient temples are real oases for comfort and meditation built in the middle of the speedy, noisy modern world we live in.
    I love the fresh green of the maple trees and the artistry of the traditional architecture! Nothing showy, everything is blending in, creating a beautiful interlace between man and nature...
    Oh, and I am amazed how clean an shiny the floors always look!

    Thank you very much for your visit and kind words on my blog and I wish you good days ahead!

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  22. I think that in Japan the healing aspect of nature is very well understood. How wonderful it is to have a peaceful place nearby in which to escape. Green with its many shades seems to be the color of life in full bloom. Seeing leaves move is like art fluttering and flowing to uplift and revitalize the spirit bogged down in daily life. Thank you for sharing this enchanted hidden place in your world. :)

  23. Stunning photos.

  24. Hola Sigo tu blog desde un blog amigo ... Me gusta tu casa ...bellas imágenes...
    Felicitaciones por tu trabajo.

    Feliz día un abrazo bloguero desde El blog de MA.


  25. 隠れたお寺ですかぁ。瑠璃光院、いつか行ってみたいです。

  26. Difficult to say which is better than the other. Thank you for this wonderful adventure and escape into beauty. Please have a good Friday.

  27. Hello, snowwhite.

     Your heartwarming works fascinates my heart.

     Thank you for your kindness.
     And i pray for you and yours peace.

    Have a good new-week. ruma ❃

  28. Wow! Every shade of greeen and a myriad of shapes and textures!

  29. ♫♫♪¸.•°`
    Bom domingo!
    Boa semana.

  30. You're a wonderful photographer! You really capture the serenity and calmness of the place. It looks so beautiful :)


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