October 31, 2009

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deer at the shining glass land near Todai-ji Temple
Welcome to my blog! First I chose "Nara storyteller" as the title of my blog. But, later I changed it to "One Time One Meeting".  Even though how many times we meet, I think, each meeting is very special for us and only one since there is no same meeting.

One time one meeting is not confined only to people but also pictures. Light gives me splendid blink when the scenery becomes incredibly  gorgeous. I push the shatter of my camera to catch this gift from light. But llight is gone so quickly and the scene becomes ordinary. I call it  "One time, one meeting with the light", 「光との一期一会」. I like taking pictures and really enjoy doing so.

I have lived in Nara for more than twenty years. Nara is the place which gives you energy and recharges you.  Nara is rich in temples, shrines, traditional culture, nature, history, deer and more.

Here, I 'd like to introduce Nara in many ways and also to share what I feel and think in everyday life with you.


  1. Nice picture and nice blog. What Nara story are we going to hear? I'm looking forward to it.

  2. The cat as your profile picture is so cute! Is it your illustration?

  3. Thanks! I really want to write many things, but I'm very busy those days. Give me 25 hours a day!!

  4. to stardust
    Yes, it is my picture. I am a cat person, so I drew a cat. Also I'm camera shy.

    Sorry in my former comment,I didn't write " to cosmos"


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