November 07, 2009

Deep autumn is here・・・・

Autumn is the best and most gorgeous season a year. Autumn leaves have turned their color to red, orange , yellow・・・. In the morning and the evening, it is getting chilly but during the day time it's very comfortable to walk around Nara Park.

By the way, have you heard deer mewling ? Autumn is the mating season and deer are mewling each other. Tourist are surprised to hear the deer crying very loudly sometimes. The deer in Nara Park fit in with the beautiful scenery of autumn leaves, don't you think so?
The center of the park is full of people as two major exhibitions are held , one is Shosoin-in Exhibition held in Nara National Museun and the other one is Ashura Statue back in the Temple Exhibition in Kofukuji Temple. There are a lot of people waiting in a long line.

But look at here Tobihino Field, there is nobody, you can enjoy this scenery by your self, here these scenes are yours. These trees are Chinese Tallow Trees(南京はぜ) whose leaves have turned the color beautifully .


  1. It seems you like trees, and places where there are no people. Me too!
    Did you visit Shoso-in this year?

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  3. Beautiful pictures! The sunlight coming filtering through trees is bright like a diamond.

  4. I love Nara Park which has wonderful view of nature. Especially Tobihino Field where fog hangs low in the early morning or the sun-set from the Nigatsu Dou in the evening are fantastic, I could see them last year. Nara Park is fully worth visiting.

  5. to Marc,
    I love nature. Whenever I meet beautiful scenary like these, I really think I'm very happy as I'm in Nara.
    I visited Shoso-in.I arrived National Museum around 5pm. No waiting people in a line. Lucky me!

  6. to Cosmos
    The sun light came through the red leaves of the Chinese Tallow Tree. The leaves seemed as if sparkled!

  7. to lily
    I love Tobihino. Tobihino literally means flying fire field based on the old history
    How deeply the name inspires our imagination!


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