November 11, 2009

a little quize!

The other day, I went to Todaiji Temple. Todaiji Temple was burnt down two times as it was involved in civil wars. I found somthing interesting ,related to one of civil wars in the main entrance gate, Great South Gate rebuilt in 1203. The gate is supported by solid 18 pillars of Japanese Hinoki, Japanese cypress wood. One of them has this. Can you guess what it is??

東大寺、南大門で見つけたものです。今の南大門は1203年に再建されたものです。 18本の巨大な柱の一本で見つけました。さて何でしょう?? 東大寺は2度戦乱に巻き込まれて焼けています。ー これヒントです。


  1. I know the answer! I'll keep quiet for the following visitors for a while. Each pillar is ond single piece of Japanese cypress. I wonder if such a huge ones are available at the present time.

  2. Sorry for the typo. "ond" at the end of the second line is "one."

  3. I think these are bullets. But I don't know about civil wars. The time when people got to use bullets is after Azuchi-Momoyama period,isn't it? If the answer is bullets,would you teach me which civil wars embeded them in the gate,if you know.

  4. to stardust,
    Do you think if there are the other bullets left in the pillars in Great South Gare, and somewhere else?


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