December 05, 2009

Answer of the little quiz

Sarari, you are right. It is a bullet dating back to the 16th century. Todaiji Temple was involved in the civil wars between the Miyoshi and Matsnaga Clans. The army of The Miyoshi stationed in Todaiji Temple. The area around Grand South Gate became a intense battle field.
There must have been many bullets in the pillars, but now only one of them has survived. It is amazing that we can yet see and touch the 16th century bullet.


  1. Thank you for imformation. I didn't know there was a battle between Miyoshi and Matunaga around Todaiji. I have been thinking there was not battles in Nara as a temple town.There is not exception for the age of wars,isn't there?

  2. to Sarari,
    I think present Nara is much more peaceful than Nara in olden days. Once Kofukuji temple and Todaiji temple were home to soldier monks.
    Especially soldier monks of Kofukuji Temple were very powerful and wild, so Kofukuji Temple was involved in the wars more.

  3. Were temples and monks involved in fighting in those days? The idea of "warrior monks" is rather alien to the Christian tradition (although Friar Tuck in the British legend of Robin Hood is perhaps a British version of the "warrior monk").

    Why were monks and temples involved in fighting? It is true that Christianity was heavily involved in the bloody Crusades, but today (in the last 150 years or so) the idea that churches and priests should fight or be involved in military affairs is really unacceptable to most people in Christian countries, I think.

  4. In Japan there were few religious wars and mostly wars and struggles were for getting power. In olden days around those temples many swordsmiths used to live to make weapons for soldiermonks. Town'name taken after the famous swordsmith shows us its history. Really unbelievable!


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