December 10, 2012

Nothing Special or Something Special

I have been amazed with the speed, I mean, everything comes and goes too fast. A few days ago, I still enjoyed the remains of beautiful autumn, but yesterday, Nara had the first snowfall of the season. And today we had the coldest day of this winter. 

Yesterday (December 9th) in Nara 

Nara had the first snow on 9th December.

Snow was melting and tiny water drops were dripping  under a dull sky.

When taking photos, I heard the sound of drums echoing. "Nara Marathon" began! This is an annual event.
About 10,000 people participated in the marathon. Many of them seemed not to mind a record, but just to enjoy running.

They were cheering up the participants with drum sounds.

A few days ago in Kyoto

Many of leaves were losing glowing autumn colors and turning muted earth colors. But they looked even more profound and tasteful.

Fallen leaves were dancing a farewell waltz in water.

Autumn was disappearing, leaving beautiful footprints.

Here I met a refined camerawoman.  We had a pleasant time to enjoy the last autumn and its reflections on a wooden floor. We took photos lying on our stomachs. Otherwise the reflections could not be captured. It must have be a funny scene if somebody had seen two women lying on the floor and taking photos.

Merry Christmas cappuccino to you
in my favorite cafe

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  1. Hi, Keiko,
    Wonderful photos! thank you very much.
    Lying on the floor... je je je... risky photographers! is the adventure!
    I love caffe too, um! yours look ñam ñam... delicuous!
    Have a good week!

  2. Hello Keiko San, I agree that things change quickly and time passes by so quickly too! I always find it a pleasant shock when the first snow falls and leaves it's powdery dust behind. I think you have a long Autumn season and it allows you to enjoy so much as our Autumn leaves were gone several weeks ago though we have no snow on the ground below, only on the mountain tops. Enjoy your Christmas :-)

  3. Leżałaś na brzuchu, ale efekt na zdjęciach świetny. Tylko kilka dni różnicy, a w przyrodzie wielka zmiana. W Kioto była piękna kolorowa jesień, a teraz jest trochę śniegu w Nara. U nas też takie biegi maratońskie bywają i to miłe. Pozdrawiam.
    You were on your stomach, but the effect in the pictures great. Only a few days difference, big change in nature. The Kyoto was beautiful colorful autumn, and now is a little snow in Nara. We also those marathons sometimes and it's nice. Yours.

  4. A brisk run in the cold weather topped off with a steaming drink sounds wonderful. But even more delightful is the image of two women lying down on the floor to snap some pictures of autumn making way for winter. Your visuals express transitioning into cold with the elegance of a well crafted poem.

  5. Hi Keiko, Your post today is full of poetry - both with words and photos. I like thinking of you lying on the floor to capture those photos.

  6. Keiko, your captures for the day are breathtaking! The colors, your words and your composition are superb as always! And I agree with Barb, full of poetry indeed! Hope you have a wonderful week! Thank you for your visit and kind words!!

  7. 本当に時の経つのは速いですね。奈良マラソンは5kmの部門が今年はなかったので主人は参加せず、予行演習のジョギングもあまりせず静かなシーズンでした。一枚目の写真、墨絵のようですね。季節の移り変わりが余韻をもって伝わってきます。

  8. Knowing how much you love capturing reflections, it wasn't difficult for me to imagine you lying on your stomach to take the reflection picture. Breathtaking beauty all around, though fleeting... we are so lucky to have you capture them and then experience it through your lyrical lens and words. I especially loved the picture of snow. Snow always fascinates me no end since it is something that we don't get to experience where I live.

    Wish you warm, happy days ahead snowwhite!

  9. Fabulous shots! Those photos of Kyoto autumn are pure magic!

  10. The golden photos are really great. It's not strange if two person are lying on the floor and taking photos. :)

  11. Wonderful photos!!! Magic !!!

    Have a great day :)

  12. Those reflections were worth lying down for.

  13. Wonderful shots of the event. Nature is at its best.

  14. The wood floor reflections are fabulous... really clever shots and that cappuccino looks absolutely delicious.


  15. こんばんは。床紅葉がとても綺麗ですね。落ち葉が踊っていたワルツは「ラストワルツ」かな、ラストワルツは失恋の曲ですから「セカンドワルツ」かな?

  16. Wonderful photography ~ my favorite is the first one with the little deer in the background ~

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ aka ArtMuseDog and Carol

  17. Beautiful post and everything is moving too fast. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  18. Hi Keiko,
    Thank yuo for your visit an words. I'm so glad you like it. if you want I can send you, free, higher resolution so you can send it as a greeting card ..

  19. The deer looks a bit startled by it's changed surroundings!Thank you Keiko for lying on your stomach to bring us these beautiful shots,they are really something special.I love the leaves dancing a farewell waltz - so poetic!I would like some snow for Midwinter but it may not happen.

    Wishing happy festive season too!

    PS you will know what I mean by this - -

    Why don't you ask him?

    1. Ruby,
      For only a few days, I experienced ephemerality of things more.

      Yes, I understood all now!! Thanks a lot. I will do!

  20. Keikoさん こんにちは。
    足早に秋は去って行ったようですね。  幼い?小鹿も戸惑っているよう・・
    京都の撮影では 得難い同志に会われたようで、羨ましいです。
    撮影に夢中になると 時にはとんでもない姿勢になりますね。
    私も床に寝転がって天井を撮影中、仲居さんに出くわし 失笑された覚えがあるので、よく分ります。
    温かいカフェでのひと時 共有させて頂きました (o^-^o) ♪

    1. 床紅葉は腹ばいにならないと見えなかったのです。公の場で、もし一人だったらかなり勇気がいったかもしれません。この時、もう一人若い男性が来ました。 「腹ばいになって見て見て!」って二人で言ったら、彼も「わー、すごくきれい!」って、腹ばいになって携帯で写真を撮りました。 何か幸せな一瞬を三人で共有できて、うれしかったです。


  21. Things change quickly, even in a twinkling of an eye. Your photos show autumn giving way to winter gracefully with special tone. To see the Nara Marathon, I feel like it was just the other day when my son ran in the annual Osaka Full Marathon and managed to realize marathon completion, but actually it was two weeks ago... time flies and I feel how the season looks different in this short period. There were many “cosplay” runners in Osaka, wearing rather breezy costumes not like the ones I saw in your photos.

    Things are speeding up personally and this might be my last comment to you this year. Thanks for the pleasure of seeing the shared emotion expressed in you way as well as of learning new things from your fabulous posts throughout the year. Wish you a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.


  22. え~、これは床に映る影なんですか!磨き抜かれた床ですね。

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  24. Belas fotografias...Espectacular....

  25. Dearest snowwhite,
    Wow, what a GORGEOUS pictures of reflections; I've never seen reflection on the floor☆☆☆ And lovely pictures of late fall♡♡♡ You must be a kind of professional photographer. I would love to visit you and learn how to take photos if I live close to Nara(^^;) I could see you are using the effects marvelously!!!
    Haha, I am not a sports type, but wonderful see the race.
    Hugs from Yamaguchi-pref. xoxo Miyako*

  26. Keiko, I always like your pictures but the one which truly amazed me this time is of the leaves on the water. I can hardly believe that these leaves were not arranged by human hand. (Of course I know they weren't - just that it's hard to believe). Nature makes wonderful patterns.

    I am always astonished at how people can run in costume - awkward, ill fitting and difficult clothing, as if the marathon wasn't hard enough already!

    It's a nice idea to encourage them with drums, though.

    Even if passers by smiled when they saw you and the other lady on your stomachs, I also expect they admired this dedication to getting the perfect photo! I would.

    1. Jenny,
      When I saw patterns on the water, I thoulgh the same as yours. How could the patterns be made without human hands!! I think, if the wind had been too strong or too week, they would not have appeared on water. Nature gave me nice surprise this time too.

  27. Hi Keiko -- Your days are really something special! Time moves very fast for me as well! Too fast sometimes. Photos help to capture the beautiful moments that make up our days. I'm glad you share them with us.

  28. Such gorgeous photos, but ... I want to see a photo of you lying on the floor taking photos! ^^

    I'm going to be in Nara for this marathon in 2014, but not to run! A blogger friend from Malaysia is going to run the marathon, and I'm going to be her support team. (I'll have to ride on a zebra to keep up with her, but I'll do my best.)

    Autumn is over in Tokyo, too, and it's bitterly cold, especially for a sunny South African.

    Take care, stay warm and enjoy the last days of the year!

    1. Wow, it is wonderful news!!
      This is the first time to see Nara Marathon for me. I want to take photos of her running and you cheering up her!! They must be excellent captures.
      It is a great idea! I should have asked the camerawoman to take my photos lying on the floor.

  29. Sono senza parole, come ti hanno già detto tutti le tue foto sono splendide.
    Merito anche dei magnifici paesaggi in cui vivi.
    Un saluto.

  30. What beautiful images as usual. I love Winter and the way the weather dictates our life. Its really cold here today in Scotland with plenty of snow on the mountains, really beautiful. Merry Christmas to you too :)

  31. I'd have enjoyed seeing this spiderman facing the taiko drums.

  32. What beautiful photos.İt looks so peaceful! Thank you for coming over and visiting my blog.

  33. ★ ♫♫

    Fotos muito bonitas.
    A penúltima e a última são minhas preferidas.
    Bom fim de semana!

    ❊#ª“˜¨ ☆☆☆☆☆

  34. 奈良のマラソン大会のこと初めて知りました。ランナーが懸命に走っている姿、感動しますね。私も、腹ばいで写真を撮っていらっしゃる姿の写真を見たかった!! 地面に舞い落ちた落ち葉の色とりどりのじゅうたん、とてもステキです。
    床に映った紅葉もいいなぁ! よいお年をお迎えくださいね。

  35. Hello Snow White
    Absolutely magnificent photography and thank you for showing us your city.
    I love learning about other countries.
    I have become your newest follower.
    I live in New Zealand and would love you to come over and visit me too!

  36. your photography makes me feel as if I am there. you have a great gift!

  37. what a glorious series of photos. love the tale of two women on the floor, capturing the lovely reflections. the drums are beautiful, I can only imagine the sound. you are right about how fast things move along - sometimes I feel as though I'm spinning. I also agree with previous commenter - you have a great gift. wishing you a wonderful winter season. stay warm Keiko!

  38. Dear Keiko
    for me it is interesting to see that you and your blog fellows still talk about autumnal colours and atmosphere while we here in Germany already have winter since several weeks. For more than two weeks we had snow, but in the meanwhile it melted away in the lowlands. Leaves or foliage on the tree branches = no chance!
    Although you have different traditions in Japan, I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
    Enjoy your Christmas cappuccino

  39. コスチューム着てマラソンなんて、奈良もなかなかやるね。参加したくなります。でも私長距離は苦手です。京都の磨き抜かれた床にうつる景色は、きれいです。腹ばいにならないとみえないのですね。

  40. Te deseo felices fiestas y año nuevo en unión de tus seres queridos.
    Un cordial saludo.

  41. I wanted to wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year and thank you for supporting my blog. I'm pretty sure that we'll have lots of wonderful opportunities in such an interesting world as photography:)

  42. Merry Christmas and Christmas, keiko.

  43. These are all wonderful photos! I love how the weather changes easily but never forgets to leave marks for a remembrance. Love it. Merry Christmas ;)

  44. こんにちは♪

  45. Just beautiful! Wishing you a very happy new year.

  46. 寒、いや増すこの節。



  47. I really enjoy watching the change of seasons on your blog with your lovely photos. I wish you a very happy New Year and many great photo opportunities.

  48. happy new year keiko!

    i am amazed by your lovely bring my beloved Japan closer to me and i thank you for this!

  49. Very beautiful photos! I love the floating leaves, and the last two pictures - sometimes you need to get down low to see it!

  50. Happy New year!
    Thank you for your comment in my blog.

    I like your photos and I´ll follow your blog.

    Greetings Anita

  51. Hello!
    Interesting blog. Welcome to
    :) Take care!

  52. very nice.. i don't know much about Japan.. your blog will give immense information.. very very interesting blog..

  53. hi, i just dunno how to reach you so i commented here. last spring on Apr 3 & 4 2014, im at Nara. How i wish we'll cross path and at least i can have a chance to talk with you about how beautiful is Nara. I love Nara, it held a special place in my heart. I went there with my sweetheart but things not going well for both of us and the last think we need to do is to break apart when we reached here in our country.

    Still the happiness we once share in Nara, its in my heart. I always tell my other half about this NaraStoryTeller and i wish we cross path here. Not my luck i guess.

    I plan to return to Nara on autumn or Spring next year, this time i'll be alone. Hope i can see you and have a coffee chat together.

    From Malaysia

  54. You have a very pleasant blog, I feel like I am traveling somewhere special even in my own chair. Your pictures are incredible. Thanks for posting. I am following you now :-)


Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and leaving warm messages. I will visit your site soon. keiko