March 15, 2011

To My Friends

Since the most devastating earthquake and Tsunami hit the Northeastern Japan on March 11th, the worst scenario has been rewritten every minute. Now nobody knows what will come next.  My heart is being rent.  Fortunately I live in Nara far away from the epicenter and these disasters could have happened anywhere in Japan. While watching TV news, I find myself not listening nor watching but just sitting there. For the time being, I 'll be absent from my blog.
How I have appreciated your warm concerns about my country and the people! How encouraging it is that global rescue teams are arriving one after another!  My deepest gratitude to you and the world.

This is a beautiful sunset. A small silhouette is the roof with a pair of "Shibi"s, of Great Buddha Hall of Todai-ji Temple.
Amida Buddha resides in  the Western Pure Land of the Buddhist universe and welcomes the people who pray to Amida Buddha by name. So in  olden days, children who lost their parents would join their hands and pray to the sunset, thinking "Father is over there, Mother is over there."

The superintendent of Todai-ji Temple made the special announcement to tell us to do three things.
1.  "Pray for the souls of the dead."
2. " Think about the people in suffering and share the sufferings."
3. " Find what you can do and do your best to help recovery."

Now we are finding what we can do.


  1. I pray for your strength and healing and that of your country...

  2. I can only echo what Carolyn has written. You and your country are in my prayers, my thoughts. Nay you both find the strength and healing that you need ....


  3. So sorry for the terrible events in your country. Our thoughts will continue to be with you. I hope you will be able to pick up inspiration again after a while.

  4. Family albums are precious for everyone.
    They lost all of them at one time.
    I hope that they will make a new page in hope.

    Thank you for sharing hopeful scenery and Love "Now we are doing what we can do."

  5. It is beyond sadness. I think of you and my other Japanese friends throughout the day. I can barely stand to watch the news as the devastation is so horrible. Please keep us updated as you can.

  6. Yes. Of course it is a very sad event.
    And time passes.
    When how is it, there is progress.

    "Now we are doing what we can do."
    I agree with it.
    I convey a Japanese smile abroad.
    Anyone has a lot of can do it by oneself.

    The human wisdom.
    The nation may find the slight light in that.


  7. Kind regards and a lot of temper for all the Japanese people. I will pray for you.
    Spain this with you.

  8. I understand why you will take a blogging break and I understand the numbness that one can have during such a time as this. You and your people and country continue to be in my heart and prayers. Big hugs xx

  9. Our hopes and prayer are with you!

  10. I feel a great sadness for the people of Japan. The superintendant is a wise man. I will try to think of what I can do, so far away... My thoughts & prayers are with you all.

  11. Beautiful sunset.
    The devastation caused by Tsunami in your country is very unfortunate. I have seen in the news the destruction. My prayers are with your people.

  12. This disaster news really vibrating the whole world in every aspect, whether its economical, environmental or concerned to human race. Everyone should make his/her contribution the way they can,lets pray to for the people how are suffering from this natural calamity. Hope,..that all will be well soon. ~(/^3^)/

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  14. Always thank you for a wonderful photograph.

    I think I go to another world

  15. Japan is in the thoughts of many Canadians. The news we are hearing is not good, not good at all. I hope that all is well for you and your family and friends.

  16. I appreciate your taking the time to visit my blog and read my post on the Byodo-In Temple. When I said that upon entering the temple I had a “lump in my throat” that means that I was emotional, emotion was overtaking me – it does not mean I have a lump (I have been a Buddhist since 1965.) I am so deeply sorry for what is happening to Japan and send you all my thoughts and prayers (and will chant for you all.)

  17. We will wait for your return, and in the meantime, I'll pray for your country.

    Hoping for the best even under those circumtances,

    Loves from France

  18. The Light of Wisdom Infinite enlighten the minds and hearts in this time so dramatic.

  19. I pray that Japan will begin to heal.


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