December 29, 2012

Come and Go

May the coming new year be the best 

for all of you, all people and all beings throughout the world. 

At this time of the year, holidays illumination events are held all over Japan. What do people think, walking under the ephemeral light of the stars? 

    I feel as if the stars were falling over us.

I imagine how the night sky of the olden days looked like. It must have been filled with subtle and transient light of stardust.  Now we are enjoying the artificial star falling night. Beautiful but I  miss the genuine  star falling night. 
 A tiny moon is over the blue twinkling stars.

Tohoku(東北) Hnad in Hand. We have prayed for Tohoku.

2012 is going to close the curtain and New Year is coming around soon.  We look back on 2012 ,and wish the coming new year the happiest and most peaceful.
A year comes and goes silently and surely.

Thank you, all my friends, for visiting my blog and leaving your warm messages.

See you next year!


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