April 07, 2014

Once a year, heaven appears in Nara Park.

Two years ago, I heard a conversation of two men. When I was taking photos in Nara Park, two men near me were talking about Sakura - cherry blossoms.  Both of them were in their mid-30s. One of them lived in Nara and guided his friend around the park. He said, "Cherry blossoms here are beautiful. However, there are many places where more beautiful cherry blossoms are. But, look at deer eating fallen petals of Sakura.  This place turns into Heaven! " His friend quietly nodded saying, " Yes, yes. How true it is!"

I had not been able to write blogs nor to go out to take photos for a long time. Last spring, my husband got cancer. After a surgical operation, he had complications. It took him long time to recover.  Now,  he is slowly getting better.  My blog friends, I thank you  a lot for your warm concerns about me. I was very very glad, but I was too exhausted to do anything.  The above is my first photo taken in Nara Park after a year.  Life is beautiful, isn't it!!