December 06, 2009

Do you choose a shrine?

Do you know what deity the shrine is dedicated to
when you visit a shrine?
In Shinto, there are eight million gods and goddesses. And each of them has each specialty. If you have a very special wish which must be granted, examine their specialty carefully and choose the right one. It is more effective to make your wish come true than offering a lot of おさい銭 money.

Look at these votive tablets in the shape of a heart. Can you guess what kind of specialty they have? Here enshrined are a couple deities of matchmaking. They are believed to bring people together. Why don’t you come here to write a votive tablet, if you want to have a good partner! This shrine is to the south of Wakamiya Shrine in Kasuga Grand Shrine.

Originally this building where the couple deities are enshrined was a kitchen to prepare food for a god. That’s why on the roof top is an elevated window which was used as the smoke outlet.


  1. I am afraid I don't have to play for my marriage! But I visited the Temizuya (kitchen Shrine) in Wakamiya shrine many times,three of them were for my childen and will have to visit there five times for my grandchildren!

  2. to lily,
    Oh,you are a great mother and grandmother!
    Did you write votive tablets?
    I went to Kasuga Shrine to get a charm of safety travel for may friend when she was going to live in Canada.

  3. I should've gone and pray much earlier for my elder daughter! Though I know she'd say "leave me alone"

  4. Hi! snowwhite, I made a mistake so let me correct it, the first line, from play to pray.

    I didn't write votive tablets for my children,
    just threw money into an offering box and prayed for them.

  5. to cosmos
    My son also would say the same word "Leave me alone!" That is the exactly same word I had said to my parents. History repeats itself!

  6. to lily
    It's nothing. I wrote may friend instead of my friend. Votive tables are written not only in Japanese but also in other languages such as English, French, Chinses etc etc.


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