December 17, 2009

She may be thinking her baby's name・・・・・

She will be a young mother next spring.

After birth, mothers and babies are kept carefully in the Deer Pen in Kasuga Grand Shrine for a while. New-born babies make a debut in the Nara Park late spring or early summer. How cute they are! Let's go to see them next spring!

note:Every year about 100 deer are born and about the same number die.


  1. That many deer die every year ? It is sad.
    Is it very hard for the deer to survive in the Nara Park ? Why?

  2. to redrose
    Main causes of death of the deer are traffic accidents and sickness. Mainly sickness is caused by visitors. They throw away plastic garbage and feed the deer inappropriate food. If the deer eat things made of plastic and inappropriate food such as junk food, the deer cannot digest them and suffer from intestinal obstruction. Only thing we can give the deer is a deer cracker. The deer's habitats are divided by the roads and the deer have to cross the roads to eat grass from one place to another. I think Nara prefectural government should take counter measures as soon as possible.

  3. I did not know that the deer have faced that many dangers within the Park. It is sad to know that inappropriate foods heartless visitors throw away is one of the causes of their death.I agree with you.Nara prefectual government shoud employ something effective measure to protect the deer.

  4. to redrose
    Thank you, redrose. Maybe I'll write about the deer more in this blog. So other people may get interested in the deer. Since I started a blog with my friends last spring, I have been taking many pictures, especially pictures of various scenery and the deer in the Nara Park, for the blog. And now I am very intersted in taking pictures. While taking many pictures of the deer, I became interested in the deer gradually. Before started taking pictures, I had seen the deer as the group, I mean for me all the deer looked alike or same. But while taking pictures of them, I got to be able to identify some of them and to know each of them has each character.


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