February 12, 2011

Entrance to Great Buddha's Wlorld

On February 11th, Nara had more than 10cm fall of snow  for the first time in tree years.  I grabbed my camera and rushed to Todai-ji Temple.

This is Great Buddha Hall of Todai-ji Temple, the largest wooden building in the world,  where the lagest bronze Buddha statue(Great Buddha) is enshrined. Designated as a World Heritage Site. 

                         Going  through the main gate,  the gentle deer always welcome you.
                  Over there you will see Great Buddha Hall, the main hall of  Todai-ji Temple.

Snow made the silent black and white world.

I saw the subtle reflection of Great Buddha Hall on its approach.  Even though I  had visited this place
many, many times, I had never found this reflection.  What a transient and dim image like mirage!!
This is the entrance to Great Buddha's World.

           On the way back, I found crimson Japanese apricot blossoms blanketed with pure snow.
 They looked like crimson flowers in white blossoms.

According to the myth, Feb 11th is Birthday of Japan  when the first Emperor Jinmu established the Imperial Government about two thousand seven hundred years ago.

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  1. Snowwhite.
    It is your day! The scene is snow-white!
    Beautiful snow scene.I love all of those photos!
    Especially,the last one is lovely. 5 years have passed since I moved to Nara.
    Finally, I saw snow here.

  2. captivating... never seen nor experience as such! you are sooooo lucky! beautiful snow white

  3. I look forward every week to see your new participation to our weekly contest... It is always such a pleasure to me to learn more about your marvelous country : I'm so veryfond of Japan... Thanks for this beautiful sharing, learning us more about buddah temples in Nara in winter...

  4. I know you had long waited for the day to come so yesterday I was happy for you. I expected what pictures would appear. They are just as is to be expected! So impressive!

  5. Shame on me : this is the second time you ask about my name, and I forgot to tell you you're so right about it : Lune means moon and can be translated by tsuki, in Japonese, as you know it of course... Thanks your comment on my blog ; I hope you'll have a beautifull sunday, full of cool light to take more wonderful pictures to be shared with us... ^^

  6. I love these beautiful photos of one of my favorite places on this planet! I have visited Japan 2 times and both times we traveled to Kyoto and Nara. Your photographs are pure and beautiful...simply awesome! Todai-ji Temple is truly a special place!

  7. Oh my! Snowwhite these photos are so serene and mystical. the first is so lovely. I've always been fond of that architectural style and your photos do it justice. It's interesting to learn that the temple is the largest wooden building. and deer! your 4th photo is remarkable in its simplicity and beauty - I like the B & W. thanks for visiting my blog, as now I've met you and have another place to visit! I am truly in awe of your great, beautiful country and hope to one day visit. have a beautiful weekend! I almost forgot, I love your profile image!

  8. Snowwhite, you captured subtle reflections which most people don't notice until they are told. It shows how tall and gigantic the architecture is.

    We seem to have taken different route on that snow day. I also stopped by "marumado", but I couldn't take so nice pictures of red ume blossoms muffled in snow as yours.

    Thank you for sharing this. I know how cold it was physically, .... but passionate at heart?

  9. In the first photo, virgin snow is seen. And a refraction on the pavement towards the hall. You are an excellent storyteller with your photos.

    While many areas in which snow caused troubles, Nara is a fortunate district.

  10. A wonderfull temple …
    I would like visit Japan … Too expensive, so I visit with writers ! This time, I'm reading Haruki Murakami

  11. If only in my country there is snow season.
    I really enjoy photos snow covered cherry blossoms. somehow, it felt to be mysterious.

  12. Hello

    Oh it looks freezingly cold in Nara but the snowscapes are so lovely! I've never been to the old capital covered with snow. One day I wish I would visit the Todaiji-temple with beautiful snow!!

    ヘッダーの写真、本当にステキですね! ありがとうございます。

  13. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog too!

    Hopia in our language (tagalog-Philippines) is like kuri manju but with filling almost like azuki paste (we use mung beans)...

    Nihon no tabemono suki desu! :) The fourth photo in this set is the one I like best, I'm not sure if kirei or migoto is used but really really beautiful! :)

  14. P.S. forgot...that Hapon means Japan/Japanese :)

  15. Thanks for all comments.

    I wanted to convey how transient snow is and our world too. And also I wanted to show you how magnificent Great Buddha Hall is through its reflection. Sometimes I'm very happy but sometimes I'm disappointed after seeing my photos in PC. This time I was satisfied with my potos.

    gmirage, thank you for introducing Japanese sweets. I'll vsit your site again. According to one theory, Nara is considered as the cradle of Japanese sweets.


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