November 21, 2010

Funny Funny Osaka People! Black Mayonnaise and Catherine

I was born in Kyoto and raised in Osaka. I have lived in Tokyo for seven  years. And now I live in Nara. Sometimes I miss  funny Osakans who are really born comedians.

Funny Advertisement in Osaka
This poster was so impactful that it stopped me walk and made me chuckle.  "Alone, Vancouver!" Soon I started to make a story about the chubby man in the poster.

"His dream was to be a figure skater and to perform in the Olympics. However things were not favorable to him, and he had to give up his dream. Maybe he was not talented enough or his appearance did not allow him to be a figure skater. But hearing  news of  the coming Vancouver Olympics, he rekindled his old dream. Now he is standing at the skating rink in Hira-Pa alone, wearing a flashy costume and posing."
"What a genius made such a funny poster!" , I thought.

Hira-Pa is the shortened name of Hirakata Park which is the oldest amusement park in Japan, and located in Hirakata city, Osaka. It is famous for beautiful chrysanthemum dolls in autumn.

One of Black Mayonnaise- the name of  comedy duo, Kosugi has been advertising Hira-Pa as a mascot character "Hira-Pa Niisan" which is the shortened name of "Hirakata Park no Oniisan" meaning Brother in Hirakata Park.

 What is going on in Hirakata Park now? The park  is  in the middle of election campaign spree to choose  Kosugi or another Black Mayonnaise,Yoshida for the second Hira-pa Niisan. Which one is  more suitable as Hira-Pa Niisan?  But, why did the election campaign start?

Because, one day very disturbing fact was disclosed. The disclosure is that  present Hira-Pa Niisan, Kosugi has been to Hira-Pa only once and  moreover, he likes a certain theme park in Osaka more than Hira-Pa.  On the contrary, Yoshida has been to Hira-Pa more than fifty times and  loves Hira-Pa the best.  Yoshida started claiming he would be better Hira-Pa Niisan than Kosugi. Here started the very heated election campaign- "The Hira-Pa Niisan Senkyo", "Election for Hira-Pa Niisan".  The fans of Black Mayonnaise are being confused, complaining that to force them to choose one of Black Mayonnaise is cruel, but at the same time they are enjoying this great joke and are  indulged in the very stupid spree . You can join this funny election to vote for in Hira-Pa until 22nd November. Only two days more!  Which one do you choose?

They have been  issuing their manifestos,  holding down each other and speaking ill of each other. Hira-Pa Niisan election  campaign is here.

Last minute apple-polishing!

Funny Bus Tour in Osaka

This is Duck Tour in Osaka. As the name shows, a bus is amphibian.  The windows of the bus are open without any glass. So, it is extremely hot in summer and freezing in winter. But in the bus, the temperature is always very  high because of a bus tour  guide.
This is  Catherine, a tour guide. She is a typical " Osaka no Obachan", literally meaning an ant of Osaka who is over kind,  very talkative, very curious and very very funny.

Catharine is a very funny and informative guide. She  tells us many interesting things about Osaka. Occasionally she says " Let's shout Ooooh!"  With our fists up, we shout "Ooooh"  very loudly. Whenever she finds  familiar faces, she shouts to them from the the bus, "Hello! How are you?" "Thank you, your coffee is very good!" and more. The loud, noisy shouts make pedestrians or passers-by startled. Soon we  find loudly shouting in the middle of  a big city like Osaka is a greater fun than expected.

This is the most dangerous moment for us when the bus goes from the land to the river.  A staff member of the Duck Tour company anxiously  watches the moment at the river bank. If he smiles, it means everything is all right. But, he frowns longer and makes us worried. Catherin says that  he enjoys acting more and more. The total tour takes 100 minuets. After the tour is finished, we will have released all stresses.

This huge duck has nothing to do with Duck Tour.


  1. Your newer header is very beautiful again! The drooping ginkgo branches and the yellow leaves under the sunlight really catch my eyes.
    By the way,what are the deer eating?

  2. redrose,

    Thank you for your comment. I am very happy as you like my header. This is my favorite place. I am never tired of taking pictures here.

    I supporse the deer are eating grass under the yellow carpet.

  3. You picked up various interesting topics one after another.
    I didn't know there was a "duck tour" in Osaka.
    Interesting idea. Who are the passengers? Tourists?

    When I visited my daughter in Tokyo, we took "Hato Bus" tour. It was fun.

  4. Cosmos,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I think Osaka must have many funny tours like Duck Tour. As Passengers ara tourists, anybody can take this tour.

    Every time I visit Osaka, I find Osaka is getting nicer and more vigorous.

    My son is moving to Tokyo. I'd like to take "Hato Bus" tour someday.

  5. Beauuuuuutiful picture!(speechless)

  6. cosmos,

    Thaaaaaaaaaaank you for you compliment!

  7. I found this page when I blogged about Black Mayonnaise. It's great!


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