May 11, 2011

Everything is Melted in Green Breeze

Now, Nara Park is amid the whirlpool of lush verdure of young leaves. The sunlight goes through the fresh leaves and flickers them.

 Camphor trees are shedding old leaves and growing new ones.

 Fallen leaves look like beautiful autumn foliage. None of them has the same color or pattern. Look at green marble-like patterns, I won’t be tired of viewing them!. But most of people are just passing by them.

In the grounds of Kasuga Grand Shrine, there are many old and magnificent camphor trees. It is said that the trees have been considered as divine because of their mysterious smell.  In olden days, people used to make moth balls from camphor trees to protect clothes from moths.

Camphor tree (left big one), wild wisteria and deer

Wild wisteria flowers in sunset. Flowers in May are wisteria, and people enjoy wild wisteria as well as cultivated ones in the park. In the 8th century, the Fujiwaras were the  most powerful and rich clan.  Their favorite flowers were wisteria as Fujiwara means wisteria field.  That's why so many wisteria around Nara Park.
wisteria leaves

The maple leaves which are rimmed with faint red.
They look like open hands of babies.

A thatched house is surrounded with maple trees. It seems as if it were enveloped in green blazes.( related blog is here,Last Flicker of Subtle Beauty, Mizuya-chaya )

This Haiku was composed on the deadly catastrophe which hit Tohoku district on March 11th. The poem was selected and appeared in Asahi Newspaper. Haiku is the shortest Japanese poem consisting of 5-7-5 syllables

ものの芽の 天地裂くとも 萌えいでよ 斉藤哲也

Even though heaven and earth were split,
by Saito Tetsuya

Not only leaves but also grasses are gorgeous.
Here, people come to enjoy doing nothing.

Deer in early sunset

In sunset

It is hard to introduce all of them. This beauty continues only for a while. The leaves soon grow strong and lose their shy softness and fragileness. I love their fleeting beauty. 

For your reference
Each season has each color. Based on Chinese faith, green or blue represents spring. In olden days, both green and blue were named blue in Japan. No wonder, spring is depicted as green(blue).
Blue or green, spring, 青春
Red, summer、朱夏
White, autumn、白秋
Black, winter、玄冬
Yellow, canicular days 土用

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  1. Hi, snowwhite, I’m happy for you that you did it! You seem to have had same troubles with me seeing from that you posted this using the old editor. You’d understand how I was clumsy when I used old editor.

    I like the photo of two deer standing on their hind legs in the sunset, which looks like their joyous expression in springtime.

  2. Hello, again, I've checked that new editor got functional again. That's a relief. So you might have used the new one.

    Have a nice week.

  3. oh wow, these are breathtaking! the leaves are beautiful and perfect.

  4. Stunning photos once again. You really have an eye for capturing beautiful images. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. just beautiful and peaceful there, good that there are such places still in the world! Greetings

  6. Snowwhite I'm really glad you don't pass by all this beauty!
    You have such a great eye for detail and obvoiusly much love for nature.
    The light filtering through the green leaves is amazingly beautiful.

    Thank you.....have a lovely day!

  7. Wow and wow! So glad you persisted and managed to post all these magical shots! They are stunning...

    I'm not on Blogger and can recommend Wordpress!

  8. I couldn't post on blogger yesterday! But it seems to be working today. Whew!

    I can't stop sighing over your fabulous photos! The reflection shot in the water is breath-taking. There is so much beauty in reflections. A place to enjoy doing nothing is quite rare, especially in the city. Having grown up next to a large grass field, I miss the beaty of green grass. Especially the smell of freshly cut grass!

    Oh, and the poem is lovely. I think the words touch all of us now. THank you for sharing! :-)

  9. Spring in Nara Park is so Beautiful! It is so green & lush! You have photographed it perfectly.

  10. Hiya Snowwhite,
    This is the most magical post I have ever read. The images have a quality all their own.
    I wish I could enlarge some of the ones in your side bar. The picture with the raised tree roots is so enticing.
    You have a gift, and the technique to match. Exquisite. This has made my day.

  11. these are equisite photos. the leaves and the light playing through them is amazing. :)

  12. All the photos are amazing and especially I like the one of wild wisteria with a camphor tree and deer.
    In olden days, people looked wild wisteria as waves in ocean. In green ocean, I guess.

    I felt like I roamed in Nara park and nearby freely.

  13. What a lovely green color! So refreshing. I miss this season in Japan.

  14. The greens are so lush now in Nara. I wish I was there to walk in the park and relax (doing nothing) while watching the deer. I imagine that the wild Wisteria have a lovely scent. This line is so beautifully descriptive: "They look like open hands of babies"

  15. The first three shots especially look just like paintings. Beautiful

  16. You can sell the first photo as a picture postcard! It's stunning.
    And many thanks for your sweet words on my blog. I really appreciate it.
    Have a wonderful day,

  17. what a visual treat to visit you. your photos are extraordinary always. I'm happy that you posted the colors associated with the seasons, that's beautiful. thanks for sharing your beauty.

  18. You live in a world of unsurpassed beauty, and you have the gift of capturing wondrous images. Gorgeous photos and enchanting words.

  19. Fresh verdure seems to dissolve in the space.
    like the illusion. . .

    If this peace and calm can fuse with me, I will surely get supreme bliss.

  20. Equisite post. Just love the photo of the wisteria and the deer. What a beautiful place.

  21. Thank you for leaving comments.
    For these two days, Blogger had system trouble and some of comments disappeared.

    This week already Blogger has had some kind of troubles three times.

    Somebody had the trouble like me?

  22. These photos are ALL so beautiful. You have captured the light so well!

    Yes, Blogger had a LOT of trouble this week. It was completely down for many hours. And I have lost many comments too.

  23. Among deer, I feel a refined silence in ancient city Nara. Through a tunnel of trees, I feel their overflowing energy. Thanks to your pure eyes and peaceful scenery.

  24. "enjoy doing nothing" because sometimes doing nothing is to do a lot .... beautiful colors of green living and dead

  25. I'm unable to access your new post.
    No doubt it's a Blogger problem which will hopefully soon be fixed.

    Best wishes.....happy blogging!!!

  26. This is a gorgeous post. The photos and words work together to bring a picture of your world which enchanted me. I especially like the two deer beyond the camphor tree, but every photo is magical!

  27. although i'm rather slow when it comes to haiku, i still love reading them.
    the thatched house was interesting, i love its structure, and would definitely if given the chance visit this place someday. ^-^

    i seldom go to parks, in here,
    it's hard to laze around and sit calmly without having to worry anything and really,
    it's not as beautiful as the ones you've posted.

  28. You did a amazing job by taking pictures of those leaves : they look so unreal, so perfect... And the last shot with the deers "dancing" is so impressive...


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