September 11, 2011

Kamo River always in my heart・・・, Kyoto

This is the river which is most loved by people in Kyoto, city of waterways. Kyoto people enjoy strolling here and feel the changing of the seasons. Also It is a very popular date spot. It is interesting that the couples sit down on the banks spacing themselves at equal intervals in the evening. It's true.

The river is flowing gently, but once upon a time the river was so wild that it often flooded and tormented Kyoto people.  In the eleventh century, the powerful Emperor Shirakawa lamented saying " Kamo River is one of three things which I can never manage to control . " Others were dice and  soldier monks of Enryaku-ji Temple in Mt. Hiei.

If you like water birds, the river is the right place.
The river glitters in the afternoon light and shows stained-glass like reflections.

Just before sunset, the scenery looks like a simple black and white world.

A sunset is approaching.

If you like gazing at a sunset, the river is one of the most beautiful spots.
The white tents were temporarily made to prepare for a candle festival.

If you want to see something special,  visit here in summer. Many restaurants lining along the river, set up "川床- Yuka meaning a floor" which are open air dining places made over the river during summer..
Here, people are enjoying dinner catching the cool
and comfortable breezes blowing over the river.

 This is the special delight during hot summer in Kyoto. While walking along the river, 
we overhear joyful laughter and merry conversations floating out from Yuka.
But dinning in Yuka is rather expensive.

  I found one place where we can enjoy the atmoshpere of Yuka
 at the price, about  4 U.S. dollars. It is Starbucks coffee shop.
 When I saw Yuka set up at this American coffee shop,
 I thought "This is Kyoto where Old and New, Traditional and Modern stand side by side."

My grandmother and mother were born and raised in Kyoto. I was born in Kyoto and my family moved to Osaka when I was 5 years old. During school holidays, I would go to Kyoto to stay with my grandmother. I still remember a small tributary of Kamo River near the grandmother's house.

After rain, a tiny spider is composing a prelude of autumn on a subtle staff notation.

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  1. It's so rare around my area to see river banks along the river, so I really like Kamo-gawa because you can enjoy walking along the river. Your photos are all lovely, especially the one with the yuka lights reflecting in the river! Gorgeous! And that is my favorite Starbucks in Kyoto!

  2. lovely post, your photos are exquisite as always. thanks for sharing your world, it's an inspiration, and the river looks grand. where in the world could we go and NOT find a Starbucks? happy day to you Snowwhite.

  3. Your camera view with a firm skill to convey an essence always gives me a fresh sensation. Kamo-River, as an iconic place, water birds, Yuka scenery in the twilight are all beautiful.
    By the way, the picture of a spider and its faint glint of cobweb look so artistic and beautiful but whenever I see them in my garden or under the eaves at my front door or at the fence, I am puzzled what to do. It must be a painstaking work to make such an elaborate artistic work. It seems too shame to clear them away but... I have to. what do you think?

  4. What wonderful riverside scenes darkening little by little! Birds’ photos are subtle and breathtaking as well as the spider's. My sister living in Kyoto loves the Kamo river, too. This post reminds me of my past experience, not only the scenery and the sounds but also the smells of the modern time, that is to say, the smell of grilled chicken, Korean cuisine... as well as the aroma of coffee. Have a peace and restful week, snowwhite.

  5. i plan to visit here in nov but might push to may. i did tokyo FINALLY in march this year.

  6. such beautiful images of lovely Kyoto...i remember walking across the bridges that adorn this lovely at night with all the light reflections.

  7. cosmos,
    I cannot make a quick decision whether I clear webs or not. I leave webs as much as possible, because webs catch mosquitoes, so we don’t need to use chemicals to remove mosquitos. Also it depends on where webs are. I don’t think I dislike or like spiders. But their cobwebs are art!!

  8. What a lovely account of a beautiful river! I enjoyed your post immensely. I too have a special memory of my grandmother's place!

  9. Your photos show well about your affection for the river and the creatures living the riverside.
    And it is comfortable to see its getting dark and how the creatures and people manage to the dusk.

  10. Beautiful pictures of your world. It is truly difficult to forget such a place. I can understand how you must be attracted like a magnet to this place again and again. :)

  11. As always, your beautiful shots tell a serene and wonderful story. Kyoto looks like a beautiful place to be.

  12. Your loving photography of Kyoto is stunning. I would dearly like to visit one day.

  13. 夕暮れの京都、素敵ですね。


  14. I have seen that couples were dating at regular intervals on the bank. That is a interesting principal, isn't it?
    Kamo-river has many faces and is beautiful in your pictures though I've never found.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy a week ahead.

  15. A lovely lovely post! Interesting to see those sweeping, steep river banks right next to the city area lining the river banks! And wondderful that bird life still hangs around there!

  16. Beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  17. A lovely walk along the banks of the river via your photo's. I especially like the photo (No. 5) of the birds, with the two close-ups below.

  18. so beautiful! love the river scenery. Once again Thank You!

  19. 夏の暑さが厳しい古都も、黄色い灯りが点々と灯る頃、川岸では涼しい風が吹く一刻でしょうか? snowwhite さんが見せてくれるこんな風景をほんの少しでも歌詠みの才があれば うまく言い現せるんだろうなぁ~なんて思います。 

  20. Such glorious light in your photos. I loved your ode to the river - it seems to be the heart of Kyoto. That spider shot is just amazing - a wonderful fluid composition.

  21. This is so beautiful, and must be very special place for you also since your grandmother, mother and you yourself were born in Kyoto!!
    The river looks very calm and the birds seem to enjoy themselves...
    The pics resemble paintings from the brush of a skilled artist, well it is actually... The artist called Nature!!!
    Thanks for sharing this, Have a fabulous week ahead:)

  22. Lovely photos of the river--you show it in so many different ways. Mickie :)


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