December 11, 2011

Sayonara, Autumn leaves

Nothing lasts forever. Now is the time to say Good-Bye, Sayonara to autumn leaves. I enjoyed not only the countless hues of autumn colours on the trees but also myriad of autumn colours of carpets of fallen leaves.

In autumn the maple front comes down from north to south while in spring the cherry blossom front goes up from south to north. 

But autumn of this year was unusual because of the recorded high temperatures. The sharp coldness  and the temperature difference between day and night are needed for the trees to create brilliant autumn colours.  Many people sighed saying " Too slow and blurry."

When authentic coldness came at last,  many of the trees  seemed to be  bewildered  whether they would turn autumn colours or fall leaves down.

Some of them are  hanging on the trees and others are on the ground.  Regardless whether autumn leaves are brilliant or blurry, whether they are on trees or the grounds,  I enjoy them with deep thanks to the nature.

 The fallen leaves on the bottom of a shallow river.

Migrating wild geese are resting their wings here. The scenery looks like glowing crimson. 

 Ginkgo leaves on a stone basin, this world is small. But while gazing at them,
I feel it represents something more.

 Thanks, autumn leaves, see you again!

I am going to Osaka to stay with my mother for a while because of her health problem and will not be able to use PC probably. When I come back, I'll catch up .


  1. As always, your photos are stunning, Keiko. Just stunning! Thanks so much for sharing them as Fall/Autumn is one of my favourite seasons due to the brilliant colours. I also love the leaves on the trees or on the ground.

    I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I see that you have not yet found a new home because you are still living in separate cities. I hope you are able to make good arrangements for her when are not able to spend time in Osaka. I understand how all that is as I went through it also. Stay well. Your friend Joyful from Canada

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  3. Hi,Snowwhite.
    東京にいる私の母は89歳ですが、体も有り難いことに元気です。 今だに本屋さんに行くのが楽しみなのです。表紙の美し~~いベストセラーの本を買うのです。ちゃんと読んでるので、ちょっとすごいです。でも夏に息子を亡くしてから、ぐ~~と心が弱ってしまいました。悲しいです。

  4. What a beautiful and colorful post. The pics of the fallen leaves, brilliant in color and full of nature is so pleasing to the eyes... Loved them all.
    Wish your mother a very speedy recovery, my prayers are always with you.
    Take good care of her Keiko.

  5. I really do appreciate how you capture the beauty of autumn in Japan! I loved fall this year. It seems to have lasted longer than previous years, although the trees did seem to wonder when they should change colors! The colorful leaves on the grass are just as pretty as the golden leaves on the trees!

    Happy weekend. I hope your mother is doing much better and you both are able to enjoy the holidays.

  6. 素晴らしい写真ですね!本当に紅葉した葉の味わいが良くでていますし、実際に肉眼で見るより素敵。ああ、こんな写真撮ってみたい、、、。忙しい時節、お母様のこともご自身の体もお大切に。

  7. The colors of the leaves is stunning. You always capture the full beauty of things perfectly. The leaves in the shallow water is so unique and beautiful.

    I hope your time with your Mother goes well and that her health improves. My prayers are with you.

  8. Really beautiful, snowwhite!
    Nara Park in autumn is really something!! And thanks so much for your lovely comment yesterday. I came back from Kobe today. Maple leaves were falling there too. I wonder if you visited Tofuku-ji(東福寺)temple in Kyoto because the temple in the sixth photo looks like it! It is getting colder and colder. Take care! 風邪引かないよう、お互い気をつけましょう!

  9. Autumn colour in Japan looks stunning. I hope your stay with your mother turns out well. Take Care and look forward to following you next year.

  10. Beautiful bright fall colours and great pictures. Hope your mother health improves quickly, take care.

  11. the beauty of your photos astounds me, leaves me mesmerized. Japanese maples are my favorite tree, their leaves so delicate and fine. the colors are splendid. thanks for sharing with us Keiko. And I'm sorry to learn of your mother's ill health. I hope with your stay she heals quickly and is feeling well again soon. happy week to you, and take good care now.

  12. I feel I said good-by to the passing sakura just like yesterday and now we are doing so to the passing momiji. Time flies in the cycle of life spirally going forth. No matter how many times, I’m speechless, so enchanted, by the leaves at this time, and your photography has the same impact. My favorite is the swimming geese in the water dyed in red.

    私の母は91歳。2回の骨折も克服し、なんとか自分のことは自分でしています。最近、生きていること自体が疲れるときもあるようですが、愛犬と私たち子供がいて幸せだと言ってくれます。できるだけ長く一緒にいたいですね。 お母様が早く回復されますように。

  13. 「さよならは別れの言葉じゃなくて再び会うための遠い約束」なんて歌詞がありましたね。春にまた逢える約束を信じて 木の葉に「ありがとう」と伝えたい気持ち ようく解りますよ!(^-^) お母様とご家族の為にも、どうぞ ご自身のお体をご自愛くださいね。

  14. Regards to your mother.

    And thank you for these glorious autumn shots!

  15. So beautiful! i can almost feel the fresh wind blowing gently.. i have been in Nara on aww..i miss that place!

  16. Beautiful beautiful photographs Keiko. The second image of the fallen leaves really moved me. the colours on the ground the trees framing them...just lovely.

    I wish you and your mother well.
    Happy days

  17. Beautiful pics - love them. I wish your mother a quick recovery. All the best, Evelyn

  18. I am sorry to hear about your mother`s health problems. I hope she will feel better soon.
    I enjoyed your wonderful photography and colorful fall leaves. Nicely done. I went back in the fall for a while :) It is a magical place where you live.

  19. Hello, snowwhite.

      Lovely your works, full of JOY!

      Thank you World-wide LOVE.
      and, your Support.

      The prayer for all peace.
      I wish You all the best.

    Have a good weekend.
    From Japan, ruma ❀

  20. Thank you Keiko,the photos are wonderful,and the reds magnificent.I look forward to reconnecting with you in the New Year.

    Best wishes for a happy festive season and peaceful 2012 to you and your family.

  21. Snowwhite,

    I really enjoy the full range of autumn colors you've captured.

    A marvel.

    Have a nice day.

  22. I love the colors that Autumn brings! Such beauty that Kyoto shares with everyone. Thank you!

  23. Autumn is my favorite time of year and your photos are the most beautiful I have seen. I hope your Mother has improved.


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