December 04, 2011

World under water

I came back from Tokyo. While staying with my son in Tokyo, I could scarcely use PC because of malfunction of my son's computer. I will catch up!

At night in Kyoto,  many autumn leave viewing spots were lit up. But winter brought cold strong winds and the autumn leaves started to fall. The other day I visited Kodai-ji Temple in Kyoto. People flocked here as the temple is famous for the beauty of the autumn leaves in its grounds. Especially reflections of myriad of autumn colours on the pond is breathtaking at night !

Reflections on "Lying Dragon Pond (臥龍池)
People are wondering  if it is a mysterious reflection
or there is another world under water.
They are bewitched and sigh with admiration.

Autumn leaves please the eye in many ways. The reflection is one of them.

It is hard to say which is reflection and which is real.

These reflections remind me of Tale of Heike which is the story about the glory and ruin of the Heike Clan based on the historical battles between the Heike and Genji clans fought in the 12th century.  But finally  Heike Clan were defeated by Genji Clan off-shore Dan-no-ura. Many of Heikes committed suicide by throwing themselves into to the water. Holding a six-year-old Emperor, Nun Nii said to him "There is another world under waves, so let go with me." Remembering this wistfulness of the story and seeing these reflections,   the transience of life is reminded deeply.

Kodai-ji Temple which was founded by Nene in 1606. Nene was a wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi who built Osaka Castle and almost  came to the pinnacle of  power to govern Japan  even though he came from a poor farming family. 

The temple has  beautiful bamboo groves.When I looked up the bamboos,
 I felt as if I had been on the bottom of the sea.

In the temple, there are many pieces of white paper  tied to ropes. They  are divine fortune papers. If you find your fortune not good, you tie your fortune paper to a tree branch or a rope. Your bad fortune will be driven away. If it is good, you keep it with you. 

People are climbing down the lovely stone steps of the temple.

They are not real Maiko. They are enjoying to disguise themselves as Maiko.
Maikos never take photos during their working time.
 In Kyoto there are a lot of stores where tourists can rent Maiko costumes or Kimono

One of charms of Kyoto is that there are many lovely stone-paved alleys everywhere
 like this. Soft light comes through  lattice windows and casts  warm shadows.
An alley in front of Yasaka Pagoda.


  1. I would surely love to see Kyoto for myself, maybe one day. The autumn colours are truly beautiful.

  2. I have heard a lot about Kyoto and would like to visit it, if and when I get to Japan. I liked your photograph of the bamboo groves the best. It really was like how I think of being under the sea, except that under the sea it is silent and I am sure that you heard the wind rustling the bamboo.

  3. All of these photos are just amazing. Such beautiful reflections! Our trees lost their colourful autumn leaves weeks ago, so it's very grey and dark here now.

  4. Dear Keiko: You have, once again, brought into your most beautiful and enchanting world and I thank you. I wish I could see it all in person but you have given me a great gift by sharing it with me here. Thank you.

  5. What a blissful visit to Kyoto - the colors, the shadows, and the reflections you've shown are mesmerizing. I am definitely thinking about this, too - "the transience of life."

  6. These images are so beautiful, the reflections are indeed magical especially at night. Thank you for sharing this wonderful place with us.

  7. I found this post completely captivating. The night-time photos were wonderful, and it did seem like I was looking up from underwater!

  8. YOu know well about charm in Kyoto, I think. The reflections are mysterious and evoke something in my mind as you remembered the Heike story. Your photos are so chic.

  9. these photos leave me breathless. that fifth one, and the bamboo groves - WOW! thanks for bringing so much beauty into my world on this evening. you are a masterful photographer Keiko - you have mesmerized me! happy week to you.

  10. Keiko, I'm so happy to see a story from you again. These photos that you have taken and shared with us are breath-taking; mysterious and powerful. But at the same time, very spiritual, as is the story. I wish so much that you would consider a published book of your stories and photos...I would be your first customer!

  11. I was amazed with the photo of header. It took time to understand where it was taken. The water is so clear that I couldn't see it between leaves.
    Those Pokuri-getas are so high. Though they are taking photos,wearing Pokuri-getas,can I even walk with them,I wonder?
    Have a nice walk.

  12. Oh, each photo is a poem of beauty! So gorgeous!

  13. Thank you for taking me on a trip to Kyoto with you. Seems to be so beautiful!

  14. beautiful! Thank you for sharing your world.
    I especially like the bamboo grove shot. It is magical!

  15. Hi Keiko

    your pictures of autumn in reflection and story are delightful. Your description of the bamboo forest I loved. From that perspective and with the evening light it really does feel like looking up from the sea bottom.
    I enjoyed walking through the bamboo grove in Arashiyama both times I have stayed in Kyoto.

  16. The night time reflections are just magical. They surely are some bewitching pictures... You have captured them so well.
    Kyoto is just so so beautiful, would love to visit it some day.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely pics...
    Have a wonderful week ahead:)

  17. Snowwhite,
    I really like your look,!How beautiful captures!
    These reflections of the night in the water touch my soul.
    Thanks for sharing your great sensitivity,

  18. What stunning captures with such low light! A pair of bamboo shots are my favorites, and I feel the same way as you wrote.

    When I visited illuminated gardens, I walked looking at the reflections. I had to watch out my steps because if I lost sight of the border between reality and unreality, I might have pulled into another world at the bottom.

  19. I've missed sighing over your gorgeous photos! You've reminded me why I love has such depth and history in every corner. The reflection on the water is stunning! It does indeed seem like there is another world beneath the waters :D

  20. In your posts, the photos always touch my heart. Anything to do with Japan is very special and fascinating to me.

  21. Keikoさん こんにちは。
    この秋の京都で「流れもあへぬ 紅葉なりけり」の世界をしかと捕えられたのですね!見事です。夜に浮かびあがる木々は幻想的ですね。中でも、私は夕日に輝く空を背景に京都のろおじの風景が気に入りました。平日の午後、ふっと気を許した時に見せる 京都の素顔が見えたようで...

  22. snowwhite さん、こんにちわ。



  23. Such exquisite, colorful captures and breathtaking reflections! You do have such a great eye for the beauty around you, Keiko! Thank you for sharing that beauty and the history as well! Your photos are indeed poems in themselves! Have a lovely weekend!


  24. Beautiful photos!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.

  25. A fine series of images.

    «Louis» thanks you for your visit to San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

  26. The fantasy steeped with compassion that was told by a father to his son to ease the fear of drowning is heart wrenching. In reality there is a magical, dangerous and mysterious world beneath the waters for the creatures that are born there. Yet looking at the leaves reflected on the surface shows only enchantment and the gift your world has for discovering beauty under all conditions.

  27. These are beautiful images. The lighting on the temple gardens is wonderful, a photographer's dream.

  28. Magnificent photos. I especially love the night time trees reflected in the water! I am you newest follower and have really enjoyed reading your posts today.


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