November 12, 2012

Glory for a Short Time

 I often pass  a small river near my house. On the bank of the river,  there is a tiny park with Sakura cherry trees. I have never seen any people or children in this park.  I have had an impression the people have not payed attention to the park for a long time.

One day I saw this scenery. 
Autumn leaves of Sakura cherry trees are floating and flowing on the river quietly,  
basking in the late afternoon sun.

Each leave holds a shining light proudly! 

 Glorious moment for the river! I am in a right time and in a right place!
 The river and leaves are sining a song in praise of autumn.  
They are coming and coming and coming.

From time to time, the sun disappears behind clouds.

The river and fallen leaves, thank you very much. You inspired me in many ways. 
I do not drive a car. No matter where I go, I take a public transportation. So many times I have to give up going to a distant place to take photos. But you showed me  a heavenly scenery in an earthly place. You taught me "beauty is everywhere". 

Peace  and serenity in Nara Park.

I visited Tokyo with my mother to see my son last week. Mom was so happy to see him that she continued talking with him. 
 I  close comments for a while. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.